It’s Important to Always Have Something of Value To Offer

Recently I had to turn down a potential client.

First of all it’s important to be able to say “no” in business.  That’s an entirely different topic and I’ll address it at some point.

But back to my main point.  The client that I was speaking to had some issues that frankly were out of my realm of expertise.

I asked a ton of questions and I tried really hard to think of a way to help this person but ultimately I didn’t feel right about attempting to do it myself.

The issues were way more fit for a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.  I left that conversation this way:

“I think you need to handle these issues first as a priority.  Once you can get a grip on those, I think it makes sense to work together.”

At that point I referred this person to a couple of therapists that I know.

What proceeded from there was a heartfelt message from this person saying that they appreciated my honesty and that it was rare in this world.

Try to always have something of value to offer

You’re not always going to get a sale.

You’re not always going to get your ideal client.

You’re not always going to see things through just the way you planned.

But there’s something you can always do.

You can always have something of value to offer.

In this particular case I was able to offer up my honesty and I was able to offer up some referrals I believed could help this person.

Whether or not I actually work with this person in the future is completely unknown.

But I know for a fact that my relationship with this person is rock solid and that’s a great thing.

It doesn’t always have to be a product or service they buy

In my own line of work, particularly when it comes to coaching, I know that it’s expensive.

My one on one services are an investment.  It’s not for everyone.

In cases where someone is unable to work with me because of a financial issue, I offer up my course.

My course is usually affordable for most people.  But what if even the course is an issue?

I have a newsletter which is free.

What if they don’t even feel like reading the newsletter every day?

No problem.

I have a Youtube channel.

The point is that it would be impossible for someone to say they couldn’t get value out of me in some way, shape, or form.

Are you prepared to offer value no matter what?  Get in touch with me and we’ll work on it.

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