It’s Completely OK To Freak Out: Let it Happen

One of the scariest moments of my life was when I was waiting on a $250,000 check.  If I didn’t receive this check it would have without a doubt ruined my entire business. I was absolutely, unequivocally freaking out. And that’s completely fine. If you aren’t freaking out at some point in your business then something is wrong. You have all of your emotions for a reason. It’s completely OK to freak out!

  • It means that you’re invested.
  • It means that you genuinely care.

But when the dust settles you can use any number of feelings as fuel to get after it (I use anger). The next time something detrimental happens, don’t be afraid to freak out.

  • Show your emotions.
  • Embrace your emotions.

I do it all the time. And it’s made me significantly more successful.

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