Is This the Most Awkward Blind Date of All Time?


It looks like we may have found a winner for the most awkward blind date of all time.  What makes it even better is the accompanying music (which in case you’re wondering is ‘Feeling’ by Client Liason).  Alex and Amelia are wearing extremely fancy clothes and are taken to none other than a gas station that has an attached “cafeteria” of sorts.

Nothing’s better than a man in a tux who’s extremely primed up to use the big spoon to scoop up the slop that’s inside the food pits.  And yes, the guy literally comments on his excitement to start scooping food.  We don’t want to ruin the entire video but let’s just say that not too many girls would be pleased with this kind of a set up.

Just remember, the next time you rent a tuxedo you should probably use it to attend a classier establishment.  You know, like McDonald’s or Burger King.  Those places are WAY classier.  Plus people frequent fast food joints in tuxedo’s all the time right?  Well, maybe kids who just went to senior prom or college formals.

Enjoy the video!

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