I’m Pretty Sure I’ll Never Know What I Fully Want: And That’s Cool

One of the worst feelings in the world is knowing that you really don’t know what the hell you want.

For over a year I’ve embarked on this journey of creating videos talking about things I’m pretty passionate about.

In that timespan I’ve created a video course, built a business doing one on one coaching, and have considered a zillion things.

Every time I think to myself “this is what I want” I end up getting tired of something.

At first I felt I wanted to travel the world giving talks to big crowds.

And then I realized, “what a pain in the ass.”  I don’t feel like traveling all the time.  And sometimes I just don’t like dealing with people.

When I started doing the one on one coaching I was totally pumped.

And now I realize I’m not always totally pumped.

But when I look back at all this I realize it’s just part of who I am and who we are.

Other than my website business which has gone on for 15 years now, there aren’t too many highly consistent things I “like.”

I can either embrace that or drive myself absolutely insane and punish myself for not having a clear direction.

I used to do the latter.  And the latter was so unbelievably destructive to my life.

If I find my interest waning?  So what?  Let it wane.

Maybe I don’t want to travel a ton.  Maybe I don’t feel like dealing with people.

Maybe I would ideally just enjoy creating videos and content and just keep doing that.

Seriously, I haven’t a clue.  I just know that it’s completely OK to try for a while, not like it, and taper it down.

The key is actually trying it.  The key is actually giving it a shot.

Without that I’m nothing and I won’t have any kind of direction whatsoever.

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