I’m Just Not Feeling it Today

I woke up this morning and just felt kind of “crappy.”

I’m not sick.

I’m not unhealthy.

There’s actually nothing of consequence going wrong with my life.

I just don’t feel like doing anything today.

There’s this tired, lethargic feeling that doesn’t seem to evade me.

I’ll wind up taking a nap at some point.

I’ll likely workout.

I suspect those things will help.

But here’s the thing:

Over the years I’ve come to accept these days.

I don’t like these days, but I accept them.

There doesn’t always have to be an underlying explanation for why you might feel like shit.

Sometimes the human in us just comes out.

Sometimes we just need some time to recharge, even if life is going well.

And sometimes during these times we feel guilty or even upset at ourselves.

Sometimes we feel the urge to “do something” to get out of that funk.

But sometimes the answer is simple: “don’t”

Often times doing nothing can be of great service in our lives.

Obviously taking action is usually one of if not the biggest catalysts to change.

But sometimes change isn’t what we need.

Sometimes it’s just getting back into our normal flow which is a flow we enjoy.

The next time you feel crappy like this, take a step back, breathe, and instead of doing something, perhaps you should do nothing.

If you are having trouble when to decide to do something or nothing, reach out to me.

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