If Your Discipline is Garbage, Try This

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, being disciplined is a crucial component to being successful.

You can have all the talent in the world in a given area but if you’re not willing to show up day in and day out to do the work, it won’t mean anything.

And in order to show up every single day, you need discipline.  It’s a fact.

But how do you achieve such discipline, especially in the short term?

In my eyes if you have little to no discipline it takes time to develop a habitual routine.

It’s extremely difficult to go from zero to 100 in a few days time.

Most people that eventually develop solid discipline and consistency have done so because they “trained” themselves to do it.

For example, if you never went to the gym before and have a goal of going 5 days a week you start off small.

You go for 1 day a week at the beginning and over time build up to 5 days a week.

Then when you’ve gone for 5 days a week for a few months straight, it becomes easier and easier.

So yes, starting off small is one thing you can do.

But what if you’re literally starting out?

What if you’re the person who just can’t get out of bed day after day and you need that boost?

Try the takeaway or “negative” approach

If you’re stuck in a rut and getting nowhere, use that to your advantage.

Think about the worst things in your life.

Think about why you might be there.

Think about all the times you ate that ice cream when you shouldn’t have.

Think about the time you lost that job because you were irresponsible.

Think about the time you didn’t land that job because you weren’t prepared for that interview.

Think about all the missed opportunities in your life.

Do you have a clear picture of any of them?  Good.

Now, the next time you find yourself backing out of something you know is good for you, get that vision in your head.

When it’s clear say something to yourself along these lines: “If I don’t do this then that shitty thing is going to happen again.”

“If I don’t go to the gym today, I’ll never lose the weight.  If I don’t go to the gym today my life will never improve.”

You need that fuel in the beginning.  You’ve got to harness whatever power you have to get over that hump.

I promise you it gets easier but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

Obviously if you really need that super boost, a coach like me is a solid choice.  Let’s talk.

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