If You Want to Make More Money, Think About Money More

If you want to make more money, then you’ve got to think about money more.  This is a fact.  It’s indisputable and I refuse to let anyone else tell me otherwise.  And the funny thing is this: The last thing you’ll ever see me do is preaching some kind of bullshit “mindset” thing where it’s like, “if you just think about money you’re going to make more because all of the cosmic energy in the universe will align in your direction.”   No, I’m talking about a very active, conscious thought process here.

Money must became a part of your psyche

Just like any other skill, habit, or talent in the world, money’s got to be a part of who you are if you’re going to have a good relationship with it, as well as make more of it.  On the one hand let’s say you’re a natural born baseball player.  Baseball will always be a part of you simply because it’s in your blood.  At the same time, you have to nurture this talent.  But let’s say you don’t have baseball in your blood.  Does that mean you can’t be good at baseball?  Not even remotely.  It all starts with a thought process.

You have to dedicate yourself to actually thinking about it

Money isn’t going to fall from the sky just because you want to make more of it.  But it does have to start somewhere, and that wanting more is a great place to start.  Let me give you an example (just like the above one but in more detail) and it’s not money.

Let’s say you want to become a better basketball player. How do you do that? Well, it starts with thinking about basketball. It starts with understanding the game. It starts with studying those who are really good at basketball.

Then it gets into studying drills to become better at basketball. Then it becomes more practical. Then it becomes doing those drills to become better. And then it becomes doing those drills obsessively if you want to get really really good.

When it comes to passion, natural born talent, or anything not “on purpose” no one can teach a person that.  They either have it or they don’t.  It’s hard to teach “mamba mentality.”  It’s hard to teach competitiveness.  There are some things that are simply just in your DNA.  But again, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a better basketball player without these innate talents or abilities.   It just means you might not be the BEST basketball player.  But who says you need to be the best?  Especially when it comes to money.

Money isn’t any different

Money is the exact same thing as basketball, baseball, chess, or any other thing you want to master (or even just be better at). If you want to get good at making money, you’ve got to immerse yourself with it.  How do you do this?  Unless money is a part of your DNA and you’re constantly thinking about it, you’ve got to give it a bit of a manual nudge.

Money’s going to have to be part of your brain. You’ve got to be thinking about it a lot.  Just like in the example above, in order to get better at basketball, you’ve got to first start thinking about it.  The same goes for money.  Once it’s on the brain you can move to the next step.

Once money is on the mind, you then have to study the people who are good at making money. What do they do to make that money?  What steps have they taken? Then you have to study the ways in which YOU might be good at making money and then you have to get good at those things.  How?   By practice.

Want to be a good stock picker?  Then you have to start by studying stocks.  That’s the academic part.  Then you have to actually begin buying stocks. That’s the practical part.  And even then, you’re gonna have to keep studying.  You’re going to have to take losses along with your wins.  You’re going to have to continuously immerse yourself in your craft.  Sure you might get lucky and make a killing in your first year, but realistically, until you’ve gone from a money mindset to studying, to practical use, to tons of experience, only then will money “magically” appear.

It applies to existing employment as well

If you’re upset that you’re not making enough money in your current job then there are two things you can do: you can study ways in which you can make more money in your job and give those a shot, or you can learn how to make money outside of your job and then eventually quit your job (if the circumstances at your job simply won’t allow you to advance). But it all starts with thinking and immersing yourself with money. You want to make more money? Think about money more, that’s the start.

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