If You Send The Right Message, The Right People Will Receive It

Keep in mind that when you’re creating content, that the people you are intending to reach are the ones you care about.  That’s it.

Which is to say that if you’re sending the right message, it will get to the right people.

And if it doesn’t?  So what?

Let me explain:

For the last month I’ve been experimenting with TikTok.  I’ve put up a bunch of stuff.

I’ve had 3-4 videos go “viral” which is to say they’ve gotten 100K views or more.

On each of those videos I’ve gotten a ton of comments, MANY of them not particularly nice.

Here are some gems that I am particularly fond of:

  • “You’re 42?  You like like you’re 60.”
  • “Dude, you look like Ted Cruz.”
  • “That’s not impressive at all, who cares?”
  • “This is the male version of a Karen.”
  • “You’re a cocky piece of shit.”

Believe me, the list goes on and on and on.

Do these comments sting? Absolutely.  I’d be lying if I said they didn’t.  But it’s not like they sting badly.  Here’s how I look at it.

The folks who are trying to rip me apart are doing two things:

  1. Telling me exactly who I don’t ever want to reach or work with
  2. Giving me attention on the platform with all their comments thereby upping the algorithm and my reach getting me that much closer to my intended audience

Just because the wrong people are giving you their attention doesn’t mean you need to give them yours.

Remember that the next time you create a popular piece of content that draws unsavory comments.

Those are never the people you want to reach in the first place.  So technically it’s their problem, not yours.

Just keep putting out the right messages and they’ll reach the right people.

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