If You Follow Something, Let it Be Your Ambition

Once again I saw someone use the phrase “follow your passion.”

And once again it bugged me.

I know there are good intentions behind “do what you love” and “find your passion” but most of us don’t know what our passion is.

And what happens is we spend too much time trying to find it.

Only a select few were “born” with some kind of innate talent (e.g. a major league baseball player starting from age 3) that guides them through life.

The rest of us are just trying to make it from an emotional and practical level.

But if there’s one thing I believe all of us have, it’s ambition.

All of us strive to be something.  We all picture a particular life for ourselves.

And if we’re going to follow something or rather pay attention to it, it’s that energy of ambition.

That energy needs to be fuel for doing, experimenting, taking chances, putting yourself out there.

It needs to be used to find your way so that eventually your road does in fact lead to something you are passionate about.

Putting your energy into everything you do is a better path to finding a passion than simply searching for a passion.

Follow your ambition and you can’t go wrong.

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