If Someone Asks You “What Do You Do Again?”

I was talking to a client yesterday and they mentioned a call they had with a perspective client.

At one point in the conversation they were asked “what do you guys do again?”

If someone ever asks you that question it’s not them being rude, it’s you failing to demonstrate what it is you do.

The way I see it, I don’t ever, ever want to give someone a chance to ask me any questions with regards to the “what” in my business.

I make it abundantly clear that what I do is take people from a place they are in their lives or business and take them to a place they want to be in their lives or business.

When it comes to the “how?”

I will absolutely give some details.

I have no problem getting into specifics such as the fact that we have weekly calls, that we create a strategy and that we execute on said strategy.

But anything beyond that?  Pretty much never.

Because otherwise what the hell would I be selling?”

Remember, no one should ever have to ask you to explain what you do.

If they do it means you’ve done a poor job of demonstrating it beforehand.

Don’t let that happen.

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