If Only We Could Focus Like Kids Do While Watching TV

One of the most annoying things as a parent is trying to get my two sons (who are 3 and 7 by the way) attention while they’re watching TV.  Those of you who are parents or have relatives that are little kids can probably appreciate this monumental task.  I, like many of you have found myself saying something along the lines of, “what do you want for dinner, hey Aiden, what do you want for dinner, hey guys, what do you want for dinner” at least 25 times before I get a response.   The intensity of their focus while watching what I consider to be one of the most worthless pieces of entertainment is something I envy a great deal.  Can you even imagine how much work you’d get done if you focused that much?  There needs to be some kind of study about what happens to a child’s brain when they are watching television.  It’s like a fortress that even the most devastating of weapons won’t get through.   But seriously, how in the hell can we get that kind of focus?

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