If It Cost Me $40K and It Was One Change, It Was Worth It

I recently went through some website upgrades because of a big update coming up from Google.

I want to make sure my sites are speedy enough and user friendly enough so that they are positively affected by the update.

To figure all this out and to make my sites lightning fast I’ve hired developers.

The work has cost me $40,000.  That’s a ton of money when it comes to website development.

And to make matters even more interesting, throughout this whole process, I’ve learned that it’s really only a couple of tweaks that were needed to change the speed drastically.

In retrospect I wonder if I could have done this myself.

Was it worth the $40,000?

Every single time I ask myself that question I will always say “absolutely.”

Because if it weren’t for these developers I wouldn’t have a true understanding of what was going on.

They have been nothing but honest, professional, and diligent.

That information is incredibly valuable and they have every right to charge what they do for their work.

I can’t look back and be sour if the outcome is positive can I?  Hell no.  I’m going to press forward.

And I’m going to press forward knowing way more than I did before.

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