I Will Never Work With a Person Unless…..

I heard a new term recently: “Coaching porn.” In a recent article that Mark Cuban gave to Inc, he explained why he doesn’t mentor people.

“There are people telling you, ‘I’m going to make you rich’ and ‘I’ve got the solution’ and ‘I’ve got the answer,’ when they have never really done it themselves,” he added.

Does this sound familiar? It’s a theme I’ve been talking about a lot recently, and I have some thoughts about it.

The right person

It’s not about finding someone to help you. It’s about finding the RIGHT people to help you.

Let’s take me for example.

I never went out and got a Personal Coaching certification and then just advertised that I could help people change their lives without zero experience doing it myself.

I’ve actually LIVED what I teach for 13 years. That’s what matters.

The fact is, I charge an expensive amount for my services.

But I certainly won’t apologize for it.

I’m confident I can help people because I’ve literally done it myself and I’ve also been helped by the right people myself.

Be extremely careful who you decide to spend money on.  That all being said….

I only work with the following people

It’s one thing if a person has been following me for a long time and decides to buy a course of mine or subscribe to my newsletter.

My course is affordable, it’s hands off, and it’s extremely simple.  I designed it specifically so that every person could be helped by it and not need me to hold their hand.

But when it comes to working with me one on one?  That’s a completely different ball game.  And in order to do that I would only work with people if:

  • They researched the hell out of me:  Do your due diligence.  Don’t be shy.  Ask my ANY question you want and if I don’t answer, kick me to the curb right and then there.
  • Those who believe I’m transparent and trust me:  I’m not working with anyone that thinks I’m not telling them them the truth.
  • Those who believe I can help them: If you don’t 100% believe I’m in a position to help you then I would never consider working with you.
  • Those who have actually spoken to me:  If you haven’t spoken to me and felt comfortable with me, how could I ever help you?  We have to click or it’s not going to work.

It’s a very big deal

I don’t come cheap.  I never will.  I don’t offer discounts or coupons.  That’s just not my style.

What you see is what you get and if what you see doesn’t make complete sense to you then it’s simply not the right time for either of us.

Committing to working with someone, particularly in a situation that involves a significant investment, is a humongous deal.

It’s the difference between going down what might be the most important path in your life, and staying on the same old crappy one you want to get off of.

If you’re thinking of making a change, email me (nat@uncoached.com)

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