I Make the Same Mistakes as You: Guilty as Charged

I happen to be in the business of helping people improve their lives.

So you would think I completely have my shit together.

You’d be wrong in thinking that.

I make mistakes like anyone else.  I find myself making the exact same mistakes that my clients do.

But there’s a difference.

I’m acutely aware of when this is happening and I have an ability to get myself out of these ruts quicker than most.

Any person that passes themselves off as infallible is a person I never want to associate myself with.

That’s part of being human.

No one is perfect and we’re all going to find ourselves making mistakes, getting in ruts, and feeling hopeless.

But it’s those that take these moments in stride and know how to reverse course that are the most successful.

It’s those that use these moments as fuel that bounce back.

It’s those that can learn just as much from pain as pleasure that conquer.

So remember, making mistakes, feeling crappy, getting into ruts is all part of the equation.

It’s what we do with it all that makes or breaks what you can become.

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