I Love it When My Son Cries Because I’m Not There

A couple of years ago my family and I were on a cruise.  For those of you in families of 3 or more, going on a cruise is quite an interesting experience.  And I’m not talking about all the food.  I’m not talking about the excursions.  I’m not talking about sitting up on top of the poop deck.  I’m talking about the absolute shock and reality of having to live in one tiny closed quarter space with all the members of your family for one week.

I mean, seriously.  How often do you have to do this?  When you stay in a hotel the rooms are a gazillion times bigger than what you get on a cruise boat.  That is unless you’re willing to shell out an obscene amount of money for a sizeable room.  But for most of us we’re talking about a space that’s usually no bigger than 150-250 square feet.  Needless to say it’s tiny.  By the way, it’s not like you’re spending all of your time in the room (cabin) on a boat, but still, it’s crazy.

I bring this up because when you’re packed into a room like this there’s not much to do other than watch television.  And for my wife and I, other than watching TV, it was reading books to our two boys.  My youngest was only 2 at the time.  The one book I remember reading to all of us was this Scooby Doo Halloween book.  For some reason, my kids and wife were laughing hysterically because I would read the book in the voices of each character who was talking.  It was mostly Shaggy, Scooby, and Velma.  We laughed our asses off every single night when I read this thing before bed.

To this day whenever I do any of the voices, my family laughs because it brings back memories of how hysterical we were on the boat.   Which brings me to today, 2 years later, and my youngest son is now 4.

My son freaked out because he didn’t get the voices

So today my wife comes into my office and tells me that she wanted to read the Scooby Doo book to my son before bed last night.  My son got really upset.  In fact he started to cry because he wanted daddy to do all the voices.  It took her a good ten minutes to calm him down.  My wife proceeded to tell him that as soon as he woke up, to come downstairs to my office and that daddy would read the story to him with the voices.

Sure enough, it was around 7am, and my son’s knocking on my door asking me to read the story.  I proceeded to read him the story.  My oldest son was also in the room.  Almost every time I did one of the voices we all laughed.  It was awesome.

When my wife later came in and told me the story of my son crying I let her know that I had read the story to him and she gave me one of those “awww” faces.  I guess she wished she was there so she could hear the voices too.

His crying made me feel special

While hearing about either of my sons (or anyone close to me for that matter) crying makes me sad, it’s also a reminder of just how loved I am.   And frankly that’s something I think all of us deserve.  I hate when my son cries but to know that something like me reading a book would be so implanted into his brain that he’d remember an experience from when he was just 2 years old and apply it to today is astounding.

Sometimes we all need reminders that we’re loved, that we’re special, and that we’re doing our best.  Today was one of those excellent reminders that I’m grateful for.  Never take for granted anything you do with the ones who love you.  Often times it’s the things you overlooked that meant more to them than anything else.

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