I Don’t Really Like People But I Love The Right Ones

If there’s one thing I’ve accepted about myself over the years, it’s that I’m very good with people.  But another thing I’ve accepted is that I don’t like many of them.  It’s why I’m so skeptical when I meet a person.  It’s why I consider myself to be almost too wary if I accept a phone call with a person or take a meeting.  It’s because I know that the odds are stacked against me with regards to meeting someone I will hit it off with.  Think about it.  How many people do you meet in your life?  How many have you actually liked?  How many have you gotten along with?  How many would you consider good candidates to be life-long friends?

Exactly.  The answer is practically zero.  But here’s the thing.  Should that stop me from taking calls?  Should that stop me from taking meetings?  Should it stop me from meeting additional people in my life?  The answer is “maybe” but not really.  The answer is “maybe” if I already have a nice “tribe” of people in my life.   But that’s not entirely accurate because there’s always room for another good person in your tribe.  There’s just not room for everybody in your tribe.

I’m not ashamed of being skeptical that I won’t like most people I meet because the truth is I haven’t liked most people I meet.  But just like you have to keep digging to reach water, you have to keep meeting people to strike up a relationship with one that will truly change your life.

It’s OK to not like all people.  But it’s not OK to stop trying to find the ones that will make your life better.

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