I Cannot Stand Letting My Day Get Away from Me, But It’s My Fault

Ever have something completely unexpected come up, you become fixated on it, and your entire day slips away?

I happen to be a very routine oriented kind of guy so when something messes with my routine, it affects me profoundly.

Picture this:

I dropped my camera two days ago.  It’s an expensive camera and I use it every single day for the videos I create.

Needless to say I was nervous about it.  Upon further inspection it didn’t look like anything was wrong with it.

So of course I recorded a video yesterday and when I uploaded it to my computer the sound was completely off.

Long story short, there’s something wrong with the audio connection to the microphone I use.

The microphone of the camera itself is completely fine.  It’s just that for now I can’t use any better audio equipment than the camera’s.

I spent at least 2 hours trying to figure this damned thing out.

I couldn’t do it.

After consulting with a colleague of mine we concluded that there’s something wrong with the camera itself, not my microphone.

It’s likely something I’d have to have someone else fix.

What happened after that was me completely losing my day.

No nap, no breaks, the entire day got away from me and I was pissed the whole time.

In fact I was kind of a wreck until I went to bed.

What did I learn?

In reality this wasn’t and isn’t a huge problem.

Sure the audio isn’t as good as it was (at the moment) but it still works.

It’s not like the entire camera is broken.  My voice is just a little harder to hear but certainly not bad.

Looking back on what went down, I should have looked at the thing for 5 minutes and recognize that “hey, the audio still works and I’ll hand it off to someone later at a different time.”

But no, me knowing zilch about cameras I had to try and troubleshoot on my own.  10 minutes?  Sure.  Even a half an hour would have been fine.  But 2 hours?  No.  That’s on me.

How many things in our lives do we spend WAY too much time on that are completely unnecessary?  It’s endless.

Get your priorities straight, period.

If you suffer from crap like this more than you ought to, get in touch with me.

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