How Do You Get Back Into the Swing of Things?

You just went on a vacation.  You just took a few days off.  You’re just getting back from the holidays.  You’re trying to get over Thanksgiving dinner.  You’ve just been sick for over a week.

Whatever your ailment is, we’ve all been there.

We’ve all suffered “getting back into the swing of things” after we’ve done something that’s completely off routine.

And frankly it sucks.  And it’s usually a struggle to get back to “peak form” after a huge layoff.

So, is there a way to get back into it quicker?  Let’s be honest about it.

It’s not easy, but it’s certainly possible.

Here are a few tips for quickly getting back into the swing of things:

1. Don’t change much while you’re off

Perhaps the greatest tip and hardest to follow is not changing your routine much while you’re actually in that break of time.

If you’re on vacation, try and follow a similar schedule from when you weren’t on vacation.

Don’t eat like a glutton.

Continue to exercise.

Don’t sleep in.

Even put in 30 min of work in the mornings if you can.  Nothing crazy but enough to keep your mind somewhat clear.

Taking a break doesn’t mean you have to have some insane life change that’s going to completely put you off kilter.

The further you stray from your normal life, that harder it’s going to be to get back to.

You can still have fun.  You can still relax.  You just don’t want to go overboard.

2. Make it gradual

Not all of us have this option but some of us do.

Try taking it one day at a time and start off small.

If it’s a work thing, try doing as little as you can on day 1, and then scale up each day so that by the end of the week you’re back to normal.

Same might go for working out or even eating.

If you make the transition back gradual you likely wont’ feel it as much.

3. Remember what’s important to you

The sooner you can get back into the mode of “I’m doing this for this reason,” the better off you’ll be.

Take a deep breath.  Return to your core values.

Remember that the place you just were wasn’t reality.  It was a break.  Breaks are a break from reality.

The sooner you realize this the better.

Need some help getting your focus back?  Get in touch.

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