How Do You Become a Millionaire?

If only all of us had the answer to this question, right?

As someone who is technically a millionaire I’d like to get into this one a bit today.

To be a millionaire is very straightforward.  By definition, a millionaire is someone whose assets minus their debts equals $1 million or more.

So if you take the total of everything you have (house, bank accounts, possessions, everything) minus all the money you owe (mortgage, credit card debt, loans, etc etc) and the number is over a million, technically you’re a millionaire.

Personally I like the idea of making $1 million or more per year as being a true millionaire.

But the definition isn’t up to me.

Let’s get something straight.  Being a millionaire isn’t incredibly hard.  I didn’t say it was easy, but I didn’t say it was hard either.

If you slave away year after year, save, invest, and don’t make too many mistakes you should be able to accumulate enough money to be a millionaire.

But that’s not the real question.

The real question people want the answer to is “what’s the BEST way to become a millionaire?”

That’s where it becomes interesting.

You see, you can become a millionaire in millions of different ways.

  • You can win the lottery.
  • You can sell rubber for a living.
  • You can be a lawyer, doctor, CEO.
  • The methods are endless.

What people really want to know is the best way.  And for that I have a simple answer:  YOUR way.

The best way to be a millionaire is by doing it at your own pace, comfort level and using a plan that fits who you are.

If you’re super aggressive and want to work 24/7 to get to millionaire status faster, that’s you’re right.  Do you.

If you want to do it slower, more methodical and with less stress, that’s your right, do you.

If you want to do it doing something you love and are passionate about, that’s your right, do you.

Catching my drift here?

For me personally I took a slower approach where I worked less hours doing something I enjoyed.  I learned how to scale my business without sacrificing too much time and lifestyle.

Could I have made more in other ways?  Absolutely.  But it was my choice to do it my way.

And it’s that choice that to me, is what makes the best millionaires.

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