How Alexa Bliss Became One of the Biggest Names in Wrestling

Alexa Bliss is the ring name of Alexis Kaufman. She has managed to become one of the biggest names in wrestling, which is particularly remarkable because it has happened in no more than a short period of time. Something that has been helped to an enormous extent by Bliss’s personality both in and out of the ring.

In short, Kaufman was born in Columbus, OH. There, she became involved in sports when she was still a child, with examples including but not limited to track, kickboxing, and cheerleading. In fact, it should be mentioned that Kaufman reached Division I status in cheerleading when she went to the University of Akron, which was a very impressive feat to say the least. There are some people who might be skeptical about cheerleading being considered a sport, but it should be mentioned that cheerleading is the single most dangerous sport for women, which is based on very high incidences of both concussions and catastrophic injuries. For context, this means tens of thousands of cheerleaders being sent to hospitals for cheerleading injuries on an annual basis.

How Did Alexa Bliss Become One of the Biggest Names in Wrestling?

Regardless, Kaufman was signed by the WWE in May of 2013, with the result that she winded up in the NXT. By August of 2013, she had become a member of the NXT’s roster under the ring name Alexa Bliss. It is interesting to note that her character was rather saccharine in those times, so much so that she would blow glitter out of her hands when she made her entrances. However, Bliss’s character soon turned into a heel, which is something that has remained true into the present.

By July of 2016, Bliss had managed to make it into WWE Smackdown. Soon enough, she managed to make her impact on the wrestling scene, as shown by the fact that she is an overall five-time champion. Unsurprisingly, this has made her very popular with the wrestling fans, though there are other factors besides her realized talent that have contributed to that popularity.

For example, Bliss happens to be pretty likable both in and out of the ring. This is interesting because she plays a heel, meaning that she manages to be both a villain that people love to hate and a beloved figure in real life. Of course, this isn’t something that has happened as a matter of course but has instead necessitated considerable effort on Bliss’s part. This can be seen in how what could have been a serious flub was instead turned into the start of her characteristic tantrum. Something that Bliss based on the tantrum that she saw a child throw at an airport. The sheer brattiness of the child’s limb-shaking routine left his parents stunned about what to do, which made enough of an impression on Bliss that she decided to adapt it for her own routine. Likewise, the other components of her character have been based on various things that Bliss has experienced in real life, which is necessary because it is such a departure from her own personality.

Summed up, Bliss has managed to become successful in wrestling because of a winning combination of characteristics. First, she possesses a sufficient measure of talent to propel her to the top. Second, she has managed to build a character that appeals to wrestling fans, which has been helped by her keen observations of other people. Third, Bliss is actually a pretty likable person in real life, thus further cementing her status as a superstar. Without these characteristics, it seems safe to say that Bliss wouldn’t have been able to reach the same heights in such a short period of time. However, since she does possess these characteristics, she seems set to stay on top of wrestling for years and years to come, which promises to lead to an honored position in the WWE’s hall of fame.

Currently, Bliss isn’t wrestling because she sustained a number of concussions within a short period of time, which is why the WWE had to rearrange its schedule for the sake of her health. Her long absence from the ring has resulted in rumors of retirement, but in recent months, Bliss has stated that she will be back in the ring soon enough. Something that should reassure wrestling fans who are eager to see what new heights she will climb in the world of the WWE.

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