Have You Ever Noticed How Satisfying Trying Really Hard Is?

No one likes to lose.

I’m not saying losing is fun.  I’m not saying losing is something to smile at.

But if there’s something I’ve noticed the older I’ve gotten it’s that the harder I try the more satisfied I am.

There’s just something about knowing you gave it your all that gives me all the motivation I need to keep going.

You know what that tells me about me?

It tells me that it’s way less about winning and losing and that it’s more about competing with myself.

And when you really get down to it, at our core, that’s what truly inspires us.

It’s how we can push ourselves.  It’s how we can perform against no one but us.

The true satisfaction doesn’t come from beating down an opponent.

The true satisfaction comes from how amazing it feels that your hard work paid off.

Sometimes that comes in the form of a win, sometimes it comes in a loss.

But a true loss is never having put in the effort in the first place.

Because in the end it won’t matter if you won or lost.

If you’re not impressing yourself.  If you’re not pushing yourself, you won’t be satisfied with that win nearly as much as if you did push yourself.

And at least if you lost you showed yourself just how committed and consistent you can be.

So remember that folks.  Hold on to how satisfying it is to know you gave it all you had.

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