Great Work Should Inspire You, Not Piss You Off

For a very long time I’d be the guy who would go to a concert and be annoyed that I wasn’t the one on stage.

If I were watching sports teams go at it I’d think to myself, “why didn’t I make in hoops or tennis?”

If I’m standing in an amazing house sometimes I’ll wonder “why don’t I have a house like this?”

Sound familiar?

And while I’ll always be competitive and that part of me may never fade, I’ve begun approaching these subjects in a new way.

Instead of getting pissed, jealous or feel like I’m unlucky, now I get happy, appreciative, and most importantly, motivated.

Instead of wanting to be on that stage I could think to myself, “it’s incredible how good these guys are and if they can do it, so can I, it makes me want to be better.”

And at the same time I can appreciate just how good someone is at their craft instead of finding faults in my own abilities.

That fact that we’re all human means that in some capacity we can achieve greatness in our own ways.

And by watching others who are great, we can be lifted up to contributed in our ways while appreciating theirs.

There’s room for everyone.  You just have to take your shot, and you have to put in the effort.

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