Getting Up To Pee in the Middle of the Night Isn’t That Bad

At least once a night I have to get up to take a piss.

When it first started happening I didn’t know what the hell was wrong.

But as time went by and I did more research I realized it was just part of getting older.

When you get older your bladder can’t retain as much liquid as it use to be able to thus the need to piss increases.

And the more it happened the more I got used to it.

It’s not that I like having to get up and piss in the middle of the night.

But at the same time it doesn’t bother me in the least anymore.

Which is to say that there are two things at play.  The first part is that I simply got used to it.

The second is that as soon as I recognized it and educated myself about it, I was relieved and didn’t care as much.

Life changes all the time and that’s inevitable.

Sometimes those changes are completely unexpected.

You can deal with them in a number of ways.

For me personally?  I like to stay on top of as much as I can to remain in as comfortable a place that I can at all times.

So yeah, I’ll just keep pissing in the middle of the night and it won’t bother me.

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