Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Really Like Justin Bieber Does He?

Justin Bieber

I’m sure all of you read about Seth Rogen’s interpretation of Justin Bieber today.  He’s confirmed what virtually any male on the planet has.   That Bieber’s nothing short of being a complete and utter tool.  And don’t worry we have Rogen’s accounts of the Biebs below.  Which begs the question.  What in the hell is going on between him and Floyd Mayweather?  Can someone please explain this to me?  I really want to know.  I feel like Bieber is to Mayweather what Lil Za is to Bieber, a little guy that lives off of a bigger guy’s crumbs.

Only both of these dudes are gazillionaires so what is going on?  Bieber clearly loved Meriweather and kisses his ass to no end.  Yet at the same time Meriweather HAS to like Bieber right?  If I had the boxing skills of one Floyd Mayweather Jr. I’d have clocked Bieber a long long time ago.

There’s gotta be some kind of man love going on between these two.  Some unspoken thing they’ve got going.  Meanwhile, here’s what Seth Rogen said about the Biebs today:

“I met him a few times,” Rogen told Howard Stern on Monday on his Sirius show. “He’s a good example of someone, who you meet, who you think you are going to hate and then you get to hate him … you meet him and he lives up to every one of your expectations.” Rogen added that he first met Bieber backstage at some German talk show just at the very beginning of the Bieber craze.

“Someone came to the door and was like ‘Justin Bieber wants to meet you,'” Rogen said. The actor agreed and said when he went outside to meet the young pop star, Bieber made it seem like Rogen had wanted to meet him, instead of the other way around. “What the f***, I don’t want to meet you!” Rogen said of the first encounter. “Don’t act all nonplussed to meet me. I didn’t want to meet you.”

Rogen attributed it to Bieber being young, but when he met him a few years later, Bieber was the same way, he said.

“I saw him again at like an MTV awards show, he literally had a snake wrapped around his f****** wrist that he was wearing,” Rogen explained. “I talked to him for like five minutes. … No humility, no awareness, no sense that ‘I appeal to young, young people, maybe a grown man who works in comedy doesn’t f****** give a s*** about me. Maybe I should act in such a way that perhaps this isn’t the great experience of his f****** life.'” He added, “I remember thinking ‘He’s a piece of s***'”

Now that sounds about right.

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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