Five Star Wars Leaks that Completely Freaked out Fans at the Time

Star Wars has been an ongoing saga that has drawn viewers like a moth to a flame. Even when a release didn’t quite live up to expectations, fans were waiting in earnest expectations of any news about the upcoming film. There were rumors spread by a disgruntled worker on the movie set who was fired from his job, so he released a few spoilers that didn’t make fans as happy as they had hoped, in fact, it kind of freaked them out. With this in mind, here are five Star Wars leaks that completely freaked fans out at the time.

1. Luke Skywalker is disenfranchised and Rey leads him back

News that everyone’s favorite hero Luke Skywalker had become disenfranchised wasn’t the kind of news that fans were hoping for. After hearing the spoilers, some refused to believe it and had hoped that it was something that was just made up. Even the producers were hinting that Luke may have gone to the dark side. When the film finally came out, we didn’t see the old Luke, but rather, a bitter man who had once been a hero in the films and it was something that nobody was happy about. There were many forum and board discussions about the leak and none of them were positive.

2. The Force ghosts of Anakin and Yoda will appear and they can die

While most of us were extremely happy to hear that we’d get to see Yoda and Anakin again, it was a real downer to learn that they could actually be killed in their ghost form. It was much nice to believe that once you died and your spirit left your body that what remained of your essence would live forever. This seemed to be too much for people to digest. It was a rumor that few could embrace and it left a bad taste in the mouths of Yoda and Anakin fans. Although this does leave room for new stories to evolve which may include new battles in the spirit world of the Force. It’s really hard to tell which direction writers may take. They’ve already torn apart most of the popular theories.

3. Rey is a reincarnation of the first human to use the force

There was a lot of speculation about Rey, who she was, where she came from and what her relationship to the original cast might be. When the spoiler was leaked that she was a reincarnation of the first being ever to use the force it was actually kind of cool, but there wasn’t really enough of a back story to support this claim. Luke tells Rey that the force guided her in finding him. Her parents were frightened of her because of her abilities. This is certainly a departure from Anakin and the mother that loved him so much she was willing to let him go. It’s hard to really connect Rey to any humans in the series and this bombshell of a leak takes her story in a totally different direction than any of the theories had ventured.

4. Luke wants to end the Jedi order

This is the supreme insult for longstanding fans of Star Wars. How dare they take the main character and cause him to err from his original path and lose the passion that once burned so bright in him. He was referred to as the only hope on several occasions. We all remember “The New Hope” and the impact that it had on the Star Wars saga. The leak that rumored Luke would train Rey to fight and destroy Snope, then retire the Jedi order was almost too much for fans to bear. This one really freaked everyone out.

5. Luke goes hardcore on Rey in training

It was also leaked that Luke would have a hard and cynical attitude and that the once compassionate young Jedi is more of a shell of what he used to be. As he is training Rey, he tells her a lie to get her to attack a creature that he claims was bullying the porgs. She battles the creature and defeats it only to watch it turn into the ghost of Anakin Skywalker. Luke seeks to wake her full potential quickly by pushing her emotions past their limits while on the island. It’s difficult to think of Luke, a once conscientious and positive can-do guy, being a negative cynic.

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