Five Meals That Changed the Course of History


Have you ever eaten a meal and thought to yourself, “this is going to change me.”  Most of us think of these types of meals in a fattening way.  That or some meals can actually be a spiritual experience.  However, did you know that some meals can actually change the course of history?  It’s true and Neatorama is guiding us on 5 that had profound impacts on America.   Take this one for example:

American food in the late 19th century was not very safe for eating. Syrups contained morphine. Canned peas glowed neon green. Chemical additives like borax (now ant bait) and copper sulfate (now a pesticide) were common.

Dr. Harvey Wiley wanted them off America’s tables, but every bill he introduced was killed by powerful food lobbies. So in 1902, Wiley hired 12 volunteers to eat meals laced with common additives. Called “the Poison Squad,” the men were paid with three doctored meals a day.

The results spurred the country’s first food-regulation laws in 1906. As for Wiley? He became the father of the FDA.

Capital Affair

In June 1790, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton bumped into each other outside of George Washington’s New York City home. The two chatted and decided to have dinner sometime. But Jefferson had an agenda, extending an invitation to one of Hamilton’s rivals, James Madison. Madison had been fighting to relocate America’s capital to the Potomac River. Meanwhile, Hamilton wanted to transfer state debts into federal hands—a move that would establish America’s credit. The dinner triggered a historic compromise: The federal government assumed the state debts, and Washington, D.C., became America’s capital.

Want to check out the rest of the list?  You’ll have to head over to Neatorama to see it all!

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