Five Great Moments in Failed Stage Dives


It’s an amazing moment in a concert. Just when you think you’ve seen it all. When the spit pours out of the singer’s mouth. When the fire is lit on the guitar. When the fireworks display. When it’s all said and done the performance isn’t quite over. The separation of band and crowd is no more prevalent than in the ever loved moment of the “stage dive.” For whatever reason the singer or other band member decide to hurl themselves into a crowd of drunken fans who are expected to catch them….or not.

Here are five classic moments of “not.”

Method Man – Whoops!

Oooh baby I like it raaaawww. Oooh baby I like it….

68 Feet in the Air and he Lived

This has got to be the most insane stage dive in the history of stage dives. It’s not even a dive. It’s more like an attempted suicide.

Robbie Williams – What a Tool

Good. I’m glad this guy got mauled. Who the hell likes this dude?

Weird Band in Finland

A. At least there was sand. B. What a crappy support team on his jump.

Short but Sweet

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