Five Excuses People Use to Delay Action: “It’s Too Hard”

I’ve made the statement, “if it isn’t easy, I’m not doing it” before.  Actually I said, “if a solution isn’t simple, I want nothing to do with it.”

I stand by these words.

These words aren’t meant to say I refuse to work hard.

They simply mean that if I don’t have a clear, easy to understand, and straightforward path to something I want, I’d rather not pursue it.

But let’s take it a step further.

Let’s say I do have that straight path but I’m not academically smart enough to get there.

What if I wanted to start an aerospace company but I knew nothing about aerospace?

Does that mean I just get up and quit?

Certainly not.

It means I find the guy or girl who DOES know and get him or her to help me.

Which is to say that nothing is “too hard” without the appropriate set up.

So whenever I hear someone say “it’s too hard” I always scoff at it because I subscribe to the notion that “there’s always a way.”

And frankly, there always is a way.  It’s just a matter of “are you willing to explore all options to simplify it?”

Need help with simplification?  Reach out.

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