Five Excuses People Use to Delay Action: “I’m Afraid”

Today we conclude the list of five excuses people use to delay action with one of the most common excuses of them all: fear.

I actually argue that fear is a good thing.

Unfortunately too many people view it as a negative.

In my eyes, fear is fuel.  Fear keeps you sharp.  Fear keeps you awake.  Fear keeps you focused.

If you know how to channel your fear properly it can be a weapon rather than a deterrent.

Let’s use an example.

You’re contemplating leaving your job but you’re “afraid” of all the things that may happen if you leave.

Now, I’m not saying you leave your job with zero prospects.

I’m not recommending you leave your job with no money saved up.

I’m not saying you leave your job with zero other jobs lined up.

You must make a risk assessment on your own (or with the help of someone like me) to decide if you “feasibly” can leave a job.

But let’s say you’ve done all of that.

Let’s say you know that it’s definitely the right time you leave your job but you’re still fearful.

You fear change.

You fear being out of your comfort zone.

Bottom line, you’re just still afraid.

What do you do?  Reverse it

Use that fear in the opposite direction.

What happens if you don’t leave your job?

Your life will never change.

You’ll never have a career that’s fulfilling.

You’ll never have the chance to break out of a financial rut.

You’ll never, etc etc.

The list goes on and on.

Sometimes we need to turn fear on its head to realize how powerful a driver it can be.

Don’t fear being afraid.  Use it to your advantage.

Need help doing this?  Reach out to me.

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