Five Excellent Gambling Scenes in Movies


Movies are a great source of entertainment in themselves, but they are even more exciting when they have gambling scenes in them. Thinking of movies that have casino shots in them is a great brain exercise to complete while you are playing Royal Vegas online slots. It will be fun to see if you can come up with any movies while you are hearing the sound of slot machines in your ears and watching the icons move swiftly past your eyes. The following are five of the most memorable gambling scenes that have appeared in movies in case you can’t think of any.

Rounders: The Huge Poker Hand

“Rounders” was a movie staring Matt Damon. He played a poker genius who was part of an elite high-stakes poker playing group. Damon’s character had a huge debt that he had to pay off. The last hand that he played was an all-or-nothing hand that had a payout of several thousand dollars. He had to play a Russian man named Teddy KJB. The last hand was probably the best poker scene in any movie, and John Malkovich played an excellent Russian poker player.

Goodfellas: The Loose Cannon

No one can forget Joe Pesci’s performance in “Goodfellas.” He played one of those memorable loose cannons that continued to shock viewers until the bitter end. Poker seemed to be the game of choice for wise guys. They played an unforgettable hand in a scene where Joe Pesci got into it with a bartender named “Spider.” Spider got tired of listening to Tommy’s foul mouth and wise cracks and finally stood up to him. His bravery inflated his self-esteem. Unfortunately, Tommy deflated his food a few minutes later.

Swingers: Bromance Spat

“Swingers” was one of the best bromance movies of the 90s. Vince Vaugn and Jon Favreau made an excellent pair of quarreling best friends in this flick. The black jack “double down” scene was one of the funniest gambling scenes in any movie because the two men could not agree on how Mike should play. The two bickered like two elderly women, and then they bickered some more when Mike lost the hand after he doubled down. The entire movie was full of laughs back then.

Ocean’s Eleven: Bluff Calling

Perhaps one of the best gambling instruction clips was the one in “Ocean’s Eleven” when Brad Pitt was teaching his group of students how to call a bluff. He called a bluff that George Clooney made. Many players try to win the game of poker by bluffing and placing high bets that will cause some nervous players to fold. The scene was a good one for people who are interested in the mechanics of poker.

Rain Man: Hit Me

Everyone remembers the scene in “Rain Man” when Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman wore matching suits to the casino while the music played. The scene where they argued over the blackjack game was funny, however. It appears that Raymond wanted to do his own thing.

Those are just a few interesting gambling scenes from movies. Many more movies have gambling scenes, but not all of them are as exciting as the previously mentioned ones are.

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