If You Need to Do It But Don’t Want to Do It, Find a Way to Do It

You may have seen me mention the phrase “no excuses, get it done.” It’s something my J.V. High School basketball coach used to always say to us.  Back then we simply took it as “I don’t care if you don’t want to practice, you have to practice no matter what.”  This was more literal than theoretical.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve taken this phrase to heart, but that doesn’t mean that I always have to do everything myself.   And it doesn’t mean I always have to do things in a conventional way.  It just means that I need to find a way to get them done.

I think many of us get trapped into thinking that we have to approach task completing in very specific ways.  And it’s not even just completing particular tasks.  It’s doing almost anything that you know deep down you have to do.  Let me give you three examples of this approach put into real practice.

The Physical Example

I hate running.  I’ve never liked running.  I’ll never like running.  Some people are born to run.  Some people are so into running that it’s a humongous part of their lives.  They’re into marathons and cross country races.  They have all the best running gear and equipment a person can imagine.   For some people running is a way of life.  I am not one of these people.

I loathe running.  I’ve tried running at least 1000 times in my life and every single time I’ll make it maybe a week and then burn out because I simply cannot stand it.  Does this mean I don’t think it’s important to run?  No.  In fact I know how important cardio is in my life given I have a very sensitive heart.   But again, I hate running.

So what do I do? Anything I can but running.  Seriously.  I’ve tried boxing.  I’ll play tennis, basketball, go swimming, run around with my kids, you name it.  If I can get my heart rate up and accomplish the same physical exercise as running for say a mile or two, then that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I don’t have to run.  I never have to run.  What I have to do is get in some calorie burning.  What I have to do is find my favorite method of calorie burning and stick to that. And if I get tired of that method, I have to find another.   It never ends, and it never should end.

The Work Example

I hate formatting articles for my websites.  I never liked it and found it to be extremely tedious.  It involves editing, finding photos to upload, reading, and it’s extremely repetitive.  When I was able to afford it, I outsourced it.  I decided that I simply wouldn’t do it anymore.

Notice I never stopped the process of formatting articles.  I simply handed off the responsibility to someone else so I didn’t have to do it anymore.  Outsourcing is a great example of finding a way to do something that you know you need to do but don’t want to do.

There are loads of examples of this in the business world and you should be utilizing every resource you can to achieve more but using less of your time.

The “Chores” Example

I hate doing laundry.  I never liked doing laundry.  I never will like doing laundry.  I’ve never met a person who likes doing laundry.  My solution?  There are two.  One, I can outsource my laundry by sending it out for delivery.  There are services that will literally pick up my laundry from my house, clean my clothes, fold them, and return them to my house.  That’s a great option.  The other option?  Suck it up and do it myself.

I actually do option 2 but to make it less aggravating I’ll actually do my laundry more often so there’s less of it to do.  I know that sounds weird but I’d rather do one load of laundry at a time than 4.  The more consistent I am with it the less it bothers me.

What if you can’t substitute or outsource?

What if I have to run?  What if my doctor told me I had to run and not do any other exercise for my heart?  What if I couldn’t afford to outsource the formatting of my articles?  The answer is something people never want to hear but they have to:

Suck it up until you don’t have to.

That’s the difference maker between winners and losers.  The winners do what it takes.  The winners suck it up and do what’s necessary until they don’t have to.  Like I said, “No excuses, get it done.”

There’s always a way, it’s your job to figure it out.  And if you can’t figure it out?  Hire someone who can.  If you can’t hire someone who can, get advice from someone who can.  And if you can’t get in touch with someone who can, find another person who can.  See where I’m going with this?

You can never exhaust every option for finding a way, ever.

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