Every Piece of Content You Produce Should be Treated Like a Landing Page

Try to think of every single piece of content you produce as your landing page.  That might be a hard concept to grasp but if you take the idea that ALL content you produce is a representation of you and your brand, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that ALL of your content should be as good as possible?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what landing pages are, they are website pages all over the internet that people “land on” (either by search, paid ads, whatever) and the intent of these pages is to make the reader do something or act on something provided in the page.  In other words, these pages are more often that not, “calls to action,” which is a term you should be familiar with.   Let’s take the example of someone trying to sell a book or a course.

When trying to “sell” something

If somebody wants to sell a book or course they might consider creating a landing page to boost their sales.  But what does the landing page need to entail?  First off, it needs to be as interesting as possible so the person who lands on it is compelled to buy the book or course that the landing page creator is trying to sell.

The same can be applied to newsletters.  Often times you’ll see landing pages out there that are designed to get people to sign up for a newsletter.  The good landing pages create compelling reasons for the reader to actually sign up.  Sometimes the landing page will provide a free report (a quality one), or they’ll have some sort of incentive attached so that the reader signs up to the newsletter.  The bottom line is that they’re going to try to make that page as compelling as possible for the reader to actually sign up for that newsletter.

But why just stop at a landing page?

If you take the concept of a landing page and the actual purpose and structure of one, why not create all content with that formula?  Obviously it depends on what your intent is but remember, that’s all landing pages are – pages that provide an intent for the reader.  Whether that reader goes in the direction you want is a function of how compelling your landing page is.

And when I say “content” I don’t just mean articles.  I’m talking about every single piece of communication you put out there.

Everything that you do, every piece of content that you produce, should be like a landing page. Every single one of those videos, articles, suggestions, comments, should all be some sort of call to action for the person that you’re targeting.

Even this article you’re reading right now is a landing page for my brand and for this website. If you take value out of what you’re reading and you come back to my site, that’s exactly what I intended.  My purpose is providing good information so that you’ll keep coming back and consider me a valuable resource that you can rely on for solid information.

The intended result is the reader thinking, “yeah, this guy’s credible, or, “this is an interesting video, I’m going to want to see more about this guy.”  Or someone might be thinking, “I’m going to want to follow him a little bit more.”  Those are all reactions I hope to achieve with the content I’m putting out.

As you continue on your path

Instead of creating content just for the purpose of “filling up the page” or making sure that it looks like you have a vast library of information, don’t do that.  Make each piece of content truly count.  There are some Youtube pages out there with less than 10 videos in total, and yet have millions of subscribers.  Why?  Because they treat every single video as the single most important representation of their brand or product.

That’s exactly what you should be aspiring to do.  And remember, I’m not talking high budget, go out there and spend millions on all your videos or articles.  If you have the means and you think it’ll help than by all means, go ahead.  But I’m talking about effort, precision, and clear cut intended purposes in each piece of content.  You don’t need a million bucks to do that.

Remember, each piece of content you produce is going to elicit an action.  That action can either be the one you intended the viewer to have, or it could be something that you didn’t.  On rare occasions that intention you didn’t want can prove positive, but most often the result is a person never visiting your website, reading your book, or watching any of your videos ever again.

The choice is yours.

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