Video From An Eating Contest Where Contestants Eat 16 Progressively Hotter Peppers

We have all seen of and heard about our fair share of eating contests that have taken place all throughout the world, and the majority of the time, they seem completely impossible. In case your stomach isn’t hurting already just thinking about shoveling endless amounts of popular snacks and foods down your throat, we have found a video of one particular eating contest that took place a couple of years ago where the contestants had to make their way through a spectrum of hot peppers. We can feel the steam coming out of our ears already! A word of caution, as this may not be a video suited for the faint of heart; You can see the eating contest for yourself posted below:

The contest itself takes place at the Chili Bath Festival, and we can see that contestants of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds have made their way to the table to enjoy their bevvy of spicy peppers. The first round begins with the green jalapeno, which is probably the most mild that you will find on the spectrum. Then comes the bullet chili, the serrano chili, and the cayenne chili. Now, this is where things start to get hot and heavy, as some of the contestants are clearly second guessing their decision making skills. Round 5 consists of the super chili, followed by the birds eye chili, the scotch bonnet, and the fatalii, where we start seeing people finally start to back down from the challenge. Next up is the red habanero, which very quickly becomes the tear jerky for a couple of the contestants. Round 10 brings the yellow 7 pod pepper, followed by the dorset naga pepper, the peach ghost scorpion pepper, the naga viper pepper, and the Trinidad morgua scorpion pepper. Finally, we reach the final, and hottest pepper to exist, the Carolina Reaper, and in this round, the first person to finish their chili wins it all.

We don’t know about you, but there is no way we could even make it half way through this contest. You can find more clips of eating contest like this one all across the YouTube universe.

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