Surfing Goats of Pismo Beach Face Legal Challenges


What kind of a world do we live in if we’re trying to legally crush the joy of the surfing goats of Pismo Beach?  That’s apparently the case because goats aren’t legally allowed in the town according to city hall. As a result, Dana McGregor, owner of gnarly nanny and her two kids, has recently received four fines of $400 for keeping goats within city limits. There are loop holes though – goats are allowed on large lots (larger than McGregors) or on smaller lots to remove weeds and brush. Could there be hope for the goats?

That’s exactly why McGregor got Goatee, his first goat, three years ago. That lead to babies, Pismo and Grover, which lead to surfing – a natural progression right? Either way, the goats have become a viral sensation and showcased talent at the beach. Because of their special talents, City Hall is discussing making an exception for them. However, not all are impressed by Pismo, Grover and Goatee…

“These are not ‘surfing’ goats,” Shelley Petlansky Watkins wrote. “They are animals that have been forced to balance on a board in the ocean to avoid falling into the water which I’m sure they do. They don’t have a choice, and I’m sure if they did, they wouldn’t want to be used in this way: for sad attention-seekers.”

Some people man… I tell ya. (Clearly, Pismo Beach has a lot on their hands if they’re worried about surfing goats ruining civilization)

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