Axl Rose Ranked The Best Singer of All Time?

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Well here’s some interesting music news that just came out recently. According to an interactive chart put together by Concert Hotels, which examined the vocal ranges of the world’s most popular and well-regarded singers, Axl Rose is the best singer of all time. Other artists coming in just behind Rose on the vocal range scale are Mariah Carey, Prince, Steven Tyler, and James Brown. On the opposite end of the spectrum, at the very bottom of the list, is country singing phenom Luke Bryan. Joining Bryan near the bottom are Taylor Swift, Karen Carpenter, Sam Cooke and Justin Bieber.

I’m no singer or musical expert by any means, but some of the names on this list definitely surprise ,me, especially Rose being the top singer of all time. I guess when I think of great singing, Guns N’ Roses just really doesn’t come to mind. I would have definitely thought someone like a Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler, or Freddie Mercury would take the top spot, whereas I would have never predicted Rose to even be on this list.

One name on this list that does totally make sense though is Justin Bieber being at the bottom. Let’s be real here: the kid is a horrible singer, performer, and, most of all, person, and I’m not just saying this as a stereotypical 22-year-old guy who hates boy band singers (I still and forever will love the Backstreet Boys, and while I’m not a One Direction fan, I would never call those dudes untalented). I wish Bieber could have beaten out people like Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift for the bottom spot, just cause he’s such an insufferable “celebrity,” and having him officially declared the worst singer of all time would just be one more anti-Bieber campaign that I could rally behind.

Here’s the chart:

The Vocal Ranges of the Greatest Singers. From Mariah Carey’s ear-piercing whistle to Barry White’s deep bassy growl, compare the vocal ranges of today’s top artists with the greatest of all time. (via

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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