Drunk Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel is Perfection


Wait a second.  How in the hell was I not aware of this?  Jimmy Kimmel’s been slowing down the audio on Donald Trump rallies for months now and I didn’t know about this?  This is unacceptable.   It’s even better because the Donald claims he never drinks or does any drugs.  Obviously we’re all up in arms about the not doing drugs thing since cocaine expert Carrie Fisher has been all over Twitter professing that Trump has to be a cocaine addict with all that sniffing going on.

Anyway, if you think that Trump speaks to quickly and energetically at his rallies, you’re right.  He does.  Not only can he not speak English correctly but his voice goes up and down in a way that even a 6 year old girl couldn’t replicate.

However, when you slow it down enough it basically sounds like incredibly funny drunk ramblings which is really all this stuff is isn’t it?  Anyway, here’s a compilation of some of the best “drunk Trump” moments on Kimmel.  These are hilarious.

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