Don’t Worry about “10X-ing” Just Worry about Consistency

If I see the term “10X” one more time I think I just might puke.  I’m quite certain anyone reading this has seen the term “10X” in recent memory.  All it means is “10 times.”  But frankly it’s dangerous.  You don’t need to 10 times your revenue.  You don’t need to 10 times your production.  At least not right away.  And if you do in fact increase your output by a factor of 10, shouldn’t it be with less stress and gradual over time?

There’s nothing wrong with quick growth.  It’s fun to grow fast.  But there should never be pressure to do so.  If you want to put pressure on yourself then put the pressure on growth, period.  Make it a point to “advance” in a given area year after year.  Even day after day.  But you don’t need to set some arbitrary number to it.  You just need to know that you are further along at the end of the day, month, year, than you were at the beginning.


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