Don’t Treat Your Life Like a Side Hustle and Your Career Like Your Life

A colleague of mine left a great comment on a video I made on Linkedin the other day.  It went something like this:

“I think the biggest issue today is people are treating their careers like their entire lives, and their lives as a side hustle.”

I couldn’t agree more.

People are under the delusion that once you figure out the career part of things that the life part comes into focus.

In real life it’s the complete opposite.

When you can hone in on what a good life means to you, the career can be built around that.

Sure you might not have your “dream career” but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fulfilling one.

That’s a huge misconception people have.

There are two certainties I know in my career life.  I hate commuting and I can never have a boss.

The job function itself is way less important to me than having these two covered.

What does this mean?

It means I put life first.  I pay attention to not only what I like but as importantly what I don’t like so I can avoid it.

There’s nothing wrong with doing what you love, I get that.

But not all of us find “that thing” we love.  So the next best thing is living a life we want.

And that means paying attention to the life part first and the career part way after that.

Unfortunately this is not the mentality of most of us.

Oddly enough I make more money now and work less hours because I began paying attention to this 15 years ago and never stopped.

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