Don’t Let Your Dreams Get in the Way of Your Reality

Don’t let your dreams get in the way of your reality but at the same time, don’t let reality get in the way of your dreams.  I’ve looked it up and I’ve never seen this quote so I’m taking full credit for this one.  But perhaps the reason no one ever said this is because no one necessarily believed it, or knew how to put it into practical use.  Well, I believe it and can show you how to put it into practical use.  First, here’s why I believe it:

Have you ever daydreamed so much to the point that it’s gotten in the way of what you’re supposed to do in the real world?  I think it’s safe to say that most of us have.  Many times we’re almost in a daze because we’re thinking about all of the things we desire that we don’t necessarily buckle down and focus on the things at hand.  On the flip side….

Have you ever been so bogged down by your own reality that it gets in the way of time you can spend dreaming about all of the things you want?  In other words, sometimes the real world can get in the way of much needed rest, relaxation, and contemplation time.

Suffice it to say, dreams often get in the way of our reality, and reality can often get in the way of our dreams.  So what can we do?

You have to balance both

Both daydreaming and being present in the moment of our realities have their place in the world.  However, not only is it important to balance both, it’s also important to keep them separate from one another.  Too much of one will affect the other in negative ways (the majority of the time).

In other words, don’t go daydreaming too long where you start forgetting about your priorities in life (AKA reality).  And at the same time don’t let all these priorities in your life (AKA your reality) get in the way of having dreams, desires, wants, or things that are either out of your current realm that perhaps that you can reach or achieve some day.

The key is not to get too involved in either for too long a time. When you’re too serious and you’re too worked up and focused on your life, it can get a little destructive. You can overthink things too much. We need that time to dream, relax, and even shut off.  But we shouldn’t be doing it for too long, because then we’re lazy without any real purpose or goal.

How do you balance both?

That’s the million dollar question right?  How do we achieve this perfect balance of dreaming and living in reality?  In my opinion there’s only one way to do it: intentionally.  Just as you make it intentional to go to the gym for a set amount of time in the day, or stick to a particular diet, you’ve got to make it intentional with regards to when you’re in one world, and when you’re in the other.  Each world needs attention and that attention should be deliberately focused.  Start paying attention to when you’re in each world and remember that the other world needs to be put aside for the moment.

It also depends on your schedule, what you do for a living, how you live, etc etc.  Each person and situation is different so it’s going to require a bit of practice on your part.  For example, if you’re in a 9 to 5 and the office is where you are most of the day, that may have to be your reality for that entire block of time.  But if you have a flexible boss (or work for yourself), then you might block out an hour of that time to be in “dreamland.”

Dreamland could very well mean that you’re meditating.  Maybe it means you’re taking a nap.  Perhaps dreamland is watching television.  In essence it’s anything that relaxes you from the rigors of real life.   But once dreamland time is over, get back to reality and stay there until it’s time to relax your brain again.

Make dreams and reality live in harmony with one another

Just because I’m suggesting to separate the two of these things doesn’t mean that they can’t work together.  In fact they should be working together.  Dreams should be used to make our realities better, and our realities should be use to make our dreams become real.  And once our dreams become real, that’s when we create new dreams, new goals, new visions that we can put our real attention into.

So remember folks, don’t let your dreams get in the way of reality but at the same time, don’t let reality get in the way of your dreams.  Rather make the two work together to enable your best life.

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