Don’t Kill ‘Em With Kindness, Kill ‘Em With Content

I ran a search on the internet yesterday for “kill ’em with content” and much to my surprise, nothing.

So today I’ve decided that my new tagline is “kill ’em with content.”

It’s not about being nice.  It’s not about being polite.  It’s not about even being appropriate.

It’s about getting your message across.  But even before that it’s about getting their attention.

And once you get their attention, that’s when you have to deliver on what you promise.

That’s what draws people in.

That’s what gets sales.

When I talk to potential clients I’m already at least 75% of the way to a sale.  Why?

Because I’ve left it all out on the field prior to the call.

The call is really for them to make sure I’m the person they’ve been seeing this whole time.

And how do they see me?  Simple.


Whether it’s something I write, record, or speak into, my voice is out there for people to hear and my face is out there for people to see.

And when they’ve heard enough they’re either going to turn me off or keep playing me…..and eventually they might reach out for help.

It’s not my sales pitch that draws them in.  It’s certainly not my looks or my voice.

It’s the consistency of putting my message out there every single day.  It’s about creating content.

Kill ’em with content.

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