Don’t Just Look up To Your Heroes, Emulate Them

The other day I was watching a video of when a little kid asked Tom Brady who his hero was.

Brady responded with “my dad.”  He then proceeded to go into why but then got choked up, cut himself off and just said “my dad.”

And it got me thinking, “who is my hero?” and “what is a hero anyway?”

I think when you’re little a hero is just someone you look up to and imagine you want to be like.

It’s why as kids we say our heroes are our parents, celebrities, athletes or others in the public eye.

But as I’ve gotten older my definition of hero has definitely evolved.

To me a hero is a person who sets an incredible example for others.  It’s still a person I want to be like but not because of how famous they are or athletic they are.

It’s because of WHO they are.

My hero?  My wife.  Hands down and without hesitation.

How she handles her day to day as a mother and as a person is something I can only wish to achieve.

But here’s the thing with heroes.  Don’t just look up to them or be impressed by them.

Take it a step further.

It’s one thing to admire a person but it’s another to truly follow their example.

When you are at least trying to follow their example, you know you’re moving in the right direction.

Heroes don’t have to be these mythical figures we’ll never be able to live up to.

Heroes can be roadmaps to how we want to conduct our own lives.

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