Don’t Hesitate to Go With Your Gut

I, like many people tend to hesitate on hitting the “send” button on some emails.

In particular if I’m following up with a client I might think to myself “is this too strong a message?”

Or in some cases I might hesitate to put out a video in fear that the video might offend some people.

But then I remind myself that there’s a big difference between using common sense and going with your gut.

Common sense will lead you in the right direction when it comes to morality, when it comes to profanity, when it comes to something being inappropriate.

But your gut is going to lead you to the place that gets you closer to your intended audience.

Which is why in 99% of cases I’ll let my gut do the talking (after I’ve used the common sense part of me).

I realized that if I send that email and the person on the receiving end doesn’t like it?  Then they’re not “my people.”

Don’t ever be afraid to repel those you don’t want to work with or associate with.

So the next time you are in hesitation mode, remember that repelling is a good thing.

It only gets you closer to your goals.

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