Don’t Forget to Try to Complete Some of Your Incompletes

Recently my family and I spent the day checking out Sagamore Hill (the place Teddy Roosevelt lived).

On our way there we passed through some extraordinary neighborhoods.

As we drove through I just couldn’t shake this feeling of wanting to live in one of these neighborhoods.

Granted I absolutely love my house and I like my neighborhood, but I’m not sure I’ll ever shake this feeling of wanting to have my ultimate “dream home” and neighborhood to live in.

It’s kind of like piano for me.  I’m a decent player but I simply can’t shake the feeling of wanting to see what it would be like to be as good as I possibly can be.

The point is this:

There are many things in our lives we’ll never “get to” or things that are “incomplete.”

Things that were once dreams that will unfortunately always stay dreams.

Some of these things had a window and that window has passed (for example I’ll never have a chance to be a pro tennis player again).

But some of these things are still 100% possible.

For those things that are still possible, go after them.

I’m not saying you go after all of them, but give some of them a shot.

You just never know what kind of satisfaction is out there for the taking.

And who knows, once you actually achieve some of these “incompletes” you just might set yourself up for some more rewarding challenges.

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