Could I Be Doing Something Better Right Now?

When I wake up each morning I’m fairly motivated.

While I don’t have a set routine I definitely have some pretty purposeful direction.

I know that everyday when I wake up I’m pretty much “on it” until 11:00-11:30am.

That means I don’t mess around from the moment I wake up until at least this time.

Usually this entails me doing the work for my business and my personal brand.

Essentially I’m banging out my daily to-do list.  After that I work out.

When that’s all done my day is usually “reactive” meaning I don’t “have to” do anything but I tend to my shit when needed.

Usually I get in a nap at around noon and then the rest of the day is somewhat open.

But here’s something that happens to me all too often.

By the time it’s 6pm I feel spent, useless, and even guilty of not doing more.

The reason is because all that fire and knowing what I have to do disappears after the first half of the day.

So that leaves me to my own devices.  I might end up checking email too many times.  I might check my social media accounts too many times.

I start to lag and feel crappy and the cycle just gets worse.

It’s really only when I’m truly focused and have something “to do” that I feel purposeful.

I bring this up because there are a few fixes I need to implement.

One of them is setting a “to do” list for the second half of my day.  I think that would help tremendously.

The other is constantly asking myself “is there something better or more purposeful I could be doing right now?

It’s OK to check email once.  It’s OK to check social media once.  But why in the hell would I check it again 15 minutes later?  That makes zero sense.

It’s important that we constantly assess how we’re allocating our time.  Asking this question can really help keep us on track.

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