Congratulations on Having a Ton of Followers

You’ve reached that milestone.  I don’t care what platform it is.

  • You hit 50K followers on Linkedin –  Congrats!
  • You hit 1 million followers on TikTok – Woohoo!
  • You’ve gotten 500K followers in Instagram – Kudos!
  • You now have 250K subscribers on Youtube – Yippee!

Reaching a particular follower or subscriber milestone is cool.   I don’t want to downplay the rush you get when you know that many people are following you.

But now what?

So, you’ve reached your follower goal.  Congratulations!  Do you want a medal or something?

If you don’t know WHAT you plan on doing with that following, then it means jack shit.

Look, if you want to reach a ton of followers for followers sake and that was your goal?  Awesome.  You did it.  Pat yourself on the back.

But if you want fame, fortune, business success, and think just by hitting your follower goal that you’re going to get it, you’ve been fooled this whole time.

Having a ton of followers can be extremely useful, but without intent, without an actual plan for what you are DOING with said following, you are lost.

Remember that the next time you spend 8 hours commenting, responding, “engaging” so that your vanity metrics rise.

Someone else might be spending 8 hours on a product that will make them millions.

Who would you rather be?

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