Enjoy Cheers Cliff Clavin’s Best Words of Wisdom


I feel bad for the millennial generation because they’ll never fully experience how great a show Cheers was.  Most of them now would probably look down upon an amazing sitcom that cheers was in favor of some stupid viral video crap like Tosh or whatever the hell else they have on TV.   But if you want a great sitcom that captured the hearts of its audience, then Cheers was the show.   It had it all.  Great lead actors, great supporting cast, great setting.  And somehow even when Shelly Long departed the show got better.

I personally liked Woody Harrelson the best but if I had to go second, Cliff Clavin might be up there.  Personally I wasn’t a huge fan of Sam.  It’s the other guys that made that show for me.  Speaking of Cliff Clavin, if you look back at many of his best quotes from the show, they still hold up today.

I mean sure he was a moron but you couldn’t help but smile at nearly every word he uttered.  Of all his choice quotes, these are among the best.

















Quotes via quotes and welton1

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