Building a Following is Only Part of the Equation

Would you like to know what one of the biggest smoking mirrors yet untapped opportunities in the world is right now?  TikTok.  No platform in the history of social media has made it possible to reach a huge amount of people in as short an amount of time as TikTok, and it’s not even close.

You can literally build a following of millions in under a month if you put in the right steps and have a little luck.  But then what do you do when you get to a million followers?  The common error people make is in thinking that once you get to a certain mark in followers that the money will just start rolling in.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just like in Instagram, if you see a picture of someone walking onto a private jet, it doesn’t mean they own the jet.  Just because someone has 10 million followers on Instagram doesn’t mean they’re a millionaire.  They might appear to act like a millionaire but that’s about as far as it goes.

And that goes for large amounts of followers on any social media platform.

Building a following is a start

If you want a successful business or brand based off of a large following, there’s no question that building said following is a critical component to achieving success.  You’ve got to put in the time.  You’ve got to be involved.  You have to comment on other people’s posts more than you ever have before.  You’ve got to be nice to all the influencers to get them on your side in ways you never thought you needed to.

You’ve got to put in that grunt work.  You might even have to put in a little money.  Simply put, there’s no replacement for time and effort when it comes to building a humongous social media presence.  Unless you’re already a celebrity who announces they’ve gone on Twitter and everyone just follows them in 24 hours, you’re like the rest of us and you’ve got to start from the ground on up.

But let’s just say you’ve put in the time.  Let’s say that you’ve done everything necessary to get to the mark you set out for yourself.  Is the money going to start tumbling in?  Nope.  Not even close.

Do you realize that getting a million views on a Youtube video doesn’t even make that much money these days?  It’s true.  Maybe a few thousand bucks.  Is spending 5 years of your time to get to the point where one video makes 5 thousand bucks worth it?  Not in my book.  Yeah sure, if EVERY video is doing that then the answer is yes.

But the reality of social media is that not ALL posts will yield those kinds of results and only a select few users have the kind of massive followings needed to build a real income.  So then how the hell do you do it?  How do you actually make money and have influence with a following?

Build the right following

Here’s a little secret that you may or may not already know.  It’s not about building a following.  It’s about building the right following.   Would you like to have a following of a million people who have a zillion interests, may or may not be interested in some of your content and likely have zero interest in any product or advertisement you are trying to make money off of?  Or, would you rather have a smaller following of people who all share the same interests, will be interested in all of your content, and will likely be repeat buyers of the products you are selling or advertising for years to come?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer.  Building a following can only get you so far.  It’s what you do with the following that counts.  And you cannot do anything with a following that’s not targeted and that’s not interested in virtually everything you have to offer.   Like I said before, the only way around that is a massive following where numbers are so large it doesn’t matter.  And by massive following I’m talking 10 million or more followers in most cases.

So how do you build the right following?

By being specialized.  By being vertical.  By being in a specific niche.  You’ve got to dominate that niche before branching out into others.   Let me give you an example I always use: Tony Robbins.  He’s about as high as it gets when it comes to personal development right?  Right.  But in the last 5-10 years Robbins has dabbled in personal finance books.  But why?  Because his dominance in personal development got him access to the greatest personal finance minds which enabled him to write his finance book which of course sold millions of copies.

So let’s say you want to be a dominant figure in talking about sports.  You may want to focus on one sport to start.  Even better, focus on one particular part of a sport and dominate that.  Once you build a following in that niche, you can then monetize it and continue growing beyond that niche.

Does this all make sense?  I hope so.  Which leads me to one final thought about followings that’s as critical as all the other points.

Retain the right following

Building a following is one thing.  Building the right following is another.  Monetizing that following is also yet another key component of this massive game.  But the final and equally critical piece is retaining that following.  If you can keep the following you’ve built you’ll always have a business and that’s huge in the grand scheme of things.  Never forget that.  Always remember that the initial people who started to follow you are the ones that got you there.  They’re the ones that keep coming back.  It’s your job to give them every single incentive to keep coming back.

How do you do this?  By constantly staying relevant.  By continuously interacting with them.  By answering their emails. By commenting on their comments.  By continuously putting out new content and ideas for them to read.  By NEVER stopping.

Hope this all helps.

And don’t worry I can get into the nuts and bolts of how to do all this stuff.  Just give me some time and stick around.

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