10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Blobfish

The Blobfish is a strange looking creature that lives at the bottom of the ocean. They came to the attention of the public when one was caught by a fishing expedition and photos of the fish were shared online. Here are ten things you may not know about these bizarre-looking fish.

They Look Better Under Water

The reason the Blobfish looks so odd is that they have no bones or muscles. They live right at the bottom of the ocean and the pressure helps to keep their structure in place. When they are brought to the surface their body starts to decompress and so they end up resembling a blob of not much more than their skin.

They Were Voted The World’s Ugliest Animal

In 2013 a competition was held by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society to find a new mascot. The Blobfish was one of the options and more people voted for this animal than any of the others. It beat off competition from competitors such as the aquatic scrotum frog.

The First Fish That Was Caught Was Named Mr Blobby

The Blobfish that captured the attention of the world was named Mr. Blobby by the crew that has caught him. The original Mr. Blobby was pink with yellow spots. Although the blobfish does not have yellow spots, they are pink and blobby and so the nickname fits quite well.

They Are Inactive Creatures

The lack of muscles that Blobfish have makes it difficult for them to move quickly. Therefore they spend a lot of the time at the bottom of the ocean and wait for food to come to them. They eat small fish and crustaceans and simply swallow them as they swim past.

People Love Them

The phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder really applies to the Blobfish. Even though they are not the most attractive creatures in the world, they have a cult following. You can purchase all sorts of merchandise such as badges, bags, and t-shirts that feature the blobfish.

Scientists Still Have Much To Learn About The Creatures

Blobfish live on the very depths of the ocean and so scientists have not really had much chance to research them. For example, they do not know how long they live or what their reproduction rituals are. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that this information will be found any time soon because of the difficulties of carrying out long-term observations at the bottom of the ocean.

They Do Not Have Swim Bladders

Most fish have swim bladders which are sacs of air that make it easier for them to swim around in the water. Blobfish do not have these as the pressure at the bottom of the ocean would cause them to burst. Blobfish have skin that is full of gelatin and this helps to give them some buoyancy, although they do not need a great deal because they do not swim far from the ocean floor.

Its Name Really Is Blobfish

Many people think that Blobfish is a nickname but this is its real name. It was almost certainly named from the fact that it does look like a blob. The scientific name of the fish is psychrolutes marcidus but blobfish is the name that it commonly goes by.

You Will Never See A Live Blobfish

Blobfish cannot survive on the land because they need the pressure that is found at the bottom of the sea. Their internal and external structures start to decompress as soon as they are bought up from the depths of the ocean. It is too difficult to recreate the conditions at the bottom of the sea and so we will never see a blobfish lying happily underwater up close.

It Is Not Known If It Will Survive Being Thrown Back Into The Water

If a Blobfish were still alive when it was taken out of the water it is not known if it would survive even if it was thrown back in. It is likely that it would have already suffered irreversible damage at this point. Many fishermen will throw blobfish that they have inadvertently caught back into the sea but it is just not known what happens to them at this point.

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