Being Yourself is What is Most Profitable: The Grateful Dead Insurance Guy

People seem to think that you have to adjust to a particular style or method to achieve success.

In reality the more you lean into yourself, the better off you are.

And I’m talking about all industries, no matter what.

Let me share a great example.

I had a client who works in the insurance industry.  He sells technology products to insurance companies.

When he first came to me he was doing content on Linkedin but getting no leads or results.

I discovered quickly that he liked to wear snow hats, Grateful Dead shirts, and has a unique voice (like Charlie Day in Always Sunny).

The moment I started talking to him I was excited.

I encouraged him to start making videos from his kitchen just wearing his regular clothes and talking about whatever he wanted.

From a branding perspective, no one’s ever seen the “Grateful Dead insurance guy” before.

Within days he was getting more comfortable in front of the camera.

In fact he got a little too comfortable.  In one video the guy had his shirt off.

Luckily he didn’t get in trouble.

In fact now, there’s no way he’ll get in trouble.

The guy hit 50% of his yearly sales quota in the first quarter of 2021.

When he contacted me to let me know I said, “and all for just being yourself.”

Lean into you and figure out how to do it and you will be successful, I promise.

You just have to come up with the right strategy.

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