Being Overwhelmed Is Usually More Mental than Literal

“I have too much on my plate.”  Have you ever found yourself saying this?

If not, how about “There’s too much to do!” or something along the lines of “I can’t focus!”

I can tell you that personally I’m in one of these moods at the moment.

My brain is filled with “my websites, my Linkedin account, Instagram, TikTok, content for this, that, commenting, etc etc”

Once I think about one thing my brain goes onto the other.

And then all of a sudden it feels like I have way more to do than I actually do.

The reality is that each of the tasks I have take very little time but when I lump them all together it feels like some giant pile of laundry that just built up.

So how do you overcome this?

By breaking it all down and slowing it all down.

Most times in our lives when we think we have so much to do, we actually don’t.  It’s just a mirage.

In reality if we were to break each task down on its own and focus on only that task one task at a time, we’d find it way more doable.

Whether it’s a list, reminder, any mechanism you choose, it’s critical we break things down by not only priority but by small bits rather than one giant mish mash of tasks.

It’s easier said than done but if you find yourself overwhelmed, take a breath, sort through it all, and take it one task at a time.

Slower makes it go faster.

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